On the womb of Eva – interview with Benedek Fliegauf, director of „Womb”

It would be nice to see Eva Green multiplied, but I’m afraid that although „Womb” is about cloning, we will see only one Eva on the screen. Anyway, the movie can already be seen at various festivals, so it’s about time for the interview with director of „Womb”, Benedek Fliegauf. Oh, by the way, the trailer can be seen here.

A woman’s consuming love forces her to bear the clone of her dead beloved. From his infancy to manhood, she faces the unavoidable complexities of her controversial decision.

The title, „Womb” sounds  intriguing, but also – knowing more or less what the film is about – it gives the opportunity for various guesses and speculations. Could you tell us about its meaning? Its origin?

Womb is the airport where we are arriving when we are born. It’s really mysterious, but also quite pleasant place to be. The basic idea of the film, and the title „Womb” arrived at the same time as far as I remember. The titles are significant for me.

James Bond’s girl, Doctor Who… Eva Green and Matt Smith surely have plenty of offers in the movie business. How did you – young director from Eastern Europe – convince them to be the part of your movie?

Actually it was kind of easy. We sent the script to Eva, she read the script, she liked it and she said: The script of „Womb” is really original , I would like to see the director’s previous films. So we sent them. At that time I was worried, because so far I made hardcore art-house films only. But Eva loved my films, especially „Milky Way”, so she wished to meet me. We’ve met, the chemistry worked very well, so she signed the contract.

Matt wasn’t Doctor Who when we signed the contract. It happened later. He also loved the script and we had fun together during the casting process. So I would say, a good script is a first step.

Your script for „Womb” took the top prize in  2008 edition of ScripTeast. Did receiving the Krzysztof Kieslowski award help in any way to make this movie happen?

Sure it helped a lot. It is kind of nice to have a project which had already won a script prize before the shooting – in Cannes! I think Dariusz Jabłoński [founder of ScripTeast – Stark] created a significant and supportive program with ScripTeast. It was incredibly effective, at least for me. By the way Dariusz helped me to arrange a mini location tour to the Polish Hel peninsula. I loved Hel, such an incredible location! In the end we made the film in Germany, but Hel gave me strong creative input. I hope I will make a movie there someday.

It seems that „Womb” will be one of these „little, non-FX, sci-fi movies”. Am I right? Or perhaps we shouldn’t call the movie „science-fiction”, as this aspect is just a pretext for a simple human drama?

„Womb” is a fairytale, at least for me. It’s not a sci-fi at all. As you said, it’s more like pure human drama, rather than a sci-fi.

What’s your personal opinion about possible human cloning? Do you see any positive aspects, or should humanity definitely stop any further developement in this matter?

Cloning is organic part of  life on this planet. We have a number of snails, which can clone themselves. Technically speaking the identical twins are clones. So it is not so much place to protest against that. I also think that  artificial cloning soon will be part of our life. I don’t think it will create more difficulties, than these which we already have.

Have you seen Pater Sparrow’s „1”? What do you think about it? What’s the condition of Hungarian sci-fi cinema these days?

I love '1′. Peter Sparrow is a lunatic and sensitive guy – I like his way of dreaming. It is spooky to see how the Hungarian new wave create imaginary worlds. György Pálfi, Kornél Mundruczó, Szabolcs Hajdú, even Agnes Kocsis movies haven’t got any direct connection with the Hungarian society at all. If you look at my films, well… So with unknown reason we are more inspired by our own dreams rather than by outside world. Let’s compare it with Romanian new wave! Strange. I am saying this, even though my next project will be a social cinema.

Social cinema you say? Could you share any details with us?

I never did a social cinema, though the film „Dealer” was full of social details. Actually I working on a film, which based on true story.

Sounds interesting, but now let’s wait for „Womb”. Thank you for the interview!

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